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DNF Board of Directors Election 2020

*Due date for candidate applications is TBD

Greetings From the Board

Here we are on the cusp of a new Spring. Our last chance to reflect on our efforts, planting our seeds of intention. The co-op’s position improved significantly over the last year. Unfortunately, our co-op had to still dig pretty deep in its pocket to make it through this Winter. We are so grateful to all the members who continue to show support. This was through volunteer efforts, equity payments, constructive feedback, and shopping the co-op.
Those of us on the Board of Directors have really appreciated the turnout of support at our monthly board meetings. As well, the active engagement of membership in our committees. Any member is able to participate in these. This form of support helps generate fresh ideas for how to help grow our co-op, and maintain accountability to our principles. It also allows the board to be more productive and healthy. We’ve been lucky to have a strong, consistent management team. As well, to have a general manager willing to take on the challenges of our cooperative.

Now, it is also the time when we elect new members to our board of directors. Election packets are available in the store or online. Final submission for these is March 23rd. We have five out of seven seats opening. We hope some of our engaged membership will seize upon this opportunity. This has been one of the most rewarding boards I have served on. We work so well as a team, balancing the tasks before us with good humor. We hope to continue this experience with fresh members. If you have skills that may serve toward a thriving cooperative we would love to have you serve with our board.

If you are interested in serving on the board of Durango Natural Foods Co-op, candidate packets are available at the store -just ask a friendly cashier! Or find it on our website

Send us an email at board@durangonaturalfoods.coop or come to our February Board meeting on Thursday, March 20, 5:00 pm at Durango Joes Coffee on College Ave.