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Curbside pick-up is now Wednesday - Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
*If you have trouble submitting the form, please email with your list and phone number
Please be as specific as possible.  Include (if known) brand, size quantity, flavor, if bulk item - how many oz or lbs., and other pertinent information.
  • Once the form is filled out, we will confirm your order pick-up time.
  • We will try our best to get all the items you have ordered but are not guaranteeing we will have everything in stock.
  • We will call if we have any questions/comments.
  • Your receipt will be stapled to your order form and placed in your grocery box. Your grocery box will be ready for pick-up on our back loading-dock with your name on the box.
Credit Cards only right now - no cash.


We will have a full online order system soon.  In the mean time, the following are PDF lists of the products we carry sorted  by Department, Category then Brand:

Produce (coming soon)
Body Care
General Mechandise

Don't forget our

DELI Items!

*Roasted Garlic Hummus  - $4/half pint or $7.99/pint

* Beet Hummus - $4.50/half pint

* Tuna Salad - $13.99/lb

* Chicken, walnut, & Pear Salad - $13.99/lb

*Smoked Salmon - about $5 - $7 serving (around 1/4lb)

* Turkey or Ham  -- $6.49 1/2 lb.

* Baked Chicken - about $3- $7 serving

* Vegan Pesto w/toasted pumpkin seeds & walnuts - $3.99/pt

* Tepenade - $4.50/half pint

* Dolmas - $3.99/ 5 dolmas

* Frozen Soup of the week - meat or vegan - $4.99/pint

* Vegan Choclate Chip Cookie - $0.99 ea

* No Gluten Raspberry Brownie - $2.99 ea

* Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - $2.49 ea

*Morning Glory <muffins - $2.49 ea


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DELI:   Closed, Opening Date TBD   


PHONE: (970)-247-8129