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What is DNF CO-OP?

Durango Natural Foods Co-op (DNF) is a member-owned grocery store that welcomes all shoppers while offering special benefits (such as discounts and voting rights regarding operations) to members who buy a share in the business. Like CSAs, DNF Co-op offer access to local, and organically grown meats and produce that might not be available at regular grocery stores and supermarkets.

Socially Responsible
While not perfect, DNF Co-op values social responsibility more than larger supermarkets, which are often part of big chains driven mostly by the profit motive. In the context of co-op shopping, social responsibility can take many forms. For instance, we mainly stock organic, fair trade products with ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients. These producers must adhere to high standards of worker treatment and pay fair wages, while not harming or polluting the planet in the process of production.

Food Justice & Access to Healthy, Fresh Produce
DNF Co-op has an ample produce section that focuses on seasonal, high-quality ingredients. Our buyers work with suppliers that can consistently deliver fresh items. And because co-op patrons tend to value fresh produce over packaged or frozen varieties, our produce section enjoys high rates of turnover, keeping DNF's product fresh and crisp.

Supporting Local, Small-Scale Agriculture
Although we work with regional organic food distributors, we mainly focus on forging relationships with local, small-scale producers. Conventional supermarkets or discount grocery stores have little to no focus on this.


When you buy locally grown or produced items here, you’re supporting your area’s farmers and agricultural businesses.

DNF Co-op Reduces Your Shopping Habits’

Environmental Footprint
Buying local farm products at DNF Co-op isn’t just good for the agricultural economy in our area – it’s also good for the environment. Locally grown and sold food, which the USDA defines as farm products grown and sold within a 400-mile radius, requires less energy for shipping and storage over its life-cycle.

DNF CO-OP History

From a food buying club in 1973 to its first 10×30 ft. rented room located in the back of 700 Main Avenue, DNF once operated on an all volunteer basis and donations, using an unlocked, red fishing tackle box as its cash register!

In 1974, it was legally registered with the state of Colorado as Durango Natural Foods, Inc. and in 1975 moved to a slightly larger rented space in the alley of 2nd Avenue and 7th Street. In January 1999, DNF realized its current location as is. Many of the founding Owners are still active in the co-op, and over time our Ownership has continued to grow. Currently more than 2,000 families and individuals share ownership of the co-op!

“One of my favorite spots in Durango. Great deli and soups, local produce and bulk bins. Staff is friendly and helpful...”