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Let's talk about equity.

let's talk

It's what keeps the equipment and lights on around here,

literally and metaphorically.

Starting with, what the heck is it?

Equity is the original crowdfunding. It’s an investment in our Co-op — the money we use to upgrade our grocery store + keep our facility up-to-date to serve our community.

And honestly, why does it matter to me?

Because you and your community members created this place. You help keep our equipment and lights on, literally and metaphorically.

You are one of the engines that make our store run, truly – you’re a part owner of our grocery store!


Here's how it works.

At $20/year you become a member owner. You are now a part of the coolest community in town, if you ask us. Your special powers now include: Taking advantage of member sales, gaining access to secret purchasing powers, and participating in our Co-op’s democracy – your voice matters to us + in our building.
Plus, you become a p
art of our community supporting more than 50 local and small businesses from Durango, Colorado, and beyond.

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