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Our Local Vendors

*While we try to update this list, it is not all inclusive

We support Durango's local vendors! Buying local helps reduce your environmental footprint, keeps money in our regional economy, and helps ensure the uniqueness of our town.

1: Reduce your environmental footprint: Local means less shipping for your daily food requirements. Driving from one end of town to the other is significantly greener than a truck coming from a major food producing state like California. Also, local means more accountability. Instead of a distant megafarm, local means that you know exactly where your food originates from and question their growing practices.

2: Keeps money local: according to Local First, "For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, nearly half goes back into the community and our tax base. For every $100 spent at a chain store, less than 15% is recirculated". Buying local supports a company owned and staffed by your neighbors. A vibrant economy is only possible with locally based companies such as our vendors.

3: Uniqueness of Durango: Unique food is essential to keep our town different. Many of our vendors only sell to local stores like ours. Without these vendors, Durango would only have strip mall, anywhere in America style grocery options.

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Luv Tempeh

Our mission: slow food. eat well & plant more trees

Artisan, handmade, small batch, organic tempeh factory in Durango, Colorado.

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Omni Bagels

Keeping it Local:
Omni Bagels is creating a product with locally sourced ingredients. We are partnering with a number of local businesses to create our unique high elevation bagels and stimulate our Southwest economy.

Keeping it Sustainable:
Every Omni Bagel package is fully sun-degradable and compostable, from the packaging to the label. We are committed to keeping our products as sustainable as possible and keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Turtle Lake Refuge

Our mission is to celebrate the connection between personal health and wild lands.

 We promote sustainable practices honoring wild wisdom of nature and the health of the community. Examples of our work include growing, harvesting and preparing local, wild and living food through our Turtle Cafe open for lunch every Tuesday and Friday, educating about the great values of the wild edible and medicinal abundance available in our area, providing local microgreens and wild food products for the public schools, restaurants and stores and providing organic land stewardship throughout the Southwest through the project, Bee Happy Lands.

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Farm to Summit

Farm to Summit was founded in 2020 by Louise Barton and Jane Barden, a Durango based couple with a passion for adventure and a shared love for farm fresh and flavor packed meals.  Together their backgrounds in farming, fine dining, and ecology combine to create a product that intends to not only shake up the way we eat in the backcountry but also help mend the broken links in our food system. Farm to Summit is their vision for a viable future of food, a radical paradigm for our new era of sustainable consumption.

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TailWind Nutrition

Tailwind helps people reach theirgoals, big or small. We're behind you all the way. It’s all about supporting athletes as they achieve their “heck yeah!”
moment with science based nutrition.

Jeff & Jenny have lived in the Durango area for nearly 25 years. They both are very active in the local community and are committed to keepingliving wage jobs in Durango. That’s why Tailwind is not only run out of Durango (pun intended), but produced here as well!!

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Sarvaa Organics

We make artisan quality SuperFood, in small batches, with the cleanest, freshest ingredients on Earth!

"Sarvaa" truly speaks to our commitment to excellence! We produce the BEST superfood blends. Period! Sarvaa means "the Best!"

Derived from ancient Sanskrit, Sarvaa comes from the word "Sarva" which is often used as a prefix to other words to describe excellence and wholeness. Sarvaa Dharma, for instance, describes a practice of "universal right conduct."

James Ranch

Regenerative. Family. Harmony.

James Ranch is ten miles north of Durango, Colorado in the beautiful Animas River Valley. We offer 100% grass fed and finished beef, whey-fed pork, artisan cheese and raw milk from 100% grass-fed, grazing Jersey cows, eggs produced from pastured hens, a spruce tree nursery, an regenerative vegetable and flower garden, and a thriving grill and market. Busy families, who utilize regenerative growing practices, bustle in the day-to-day operation of the ranch and their enterprises.



SolaVita is the creation of two women based in Durango, Colorado. We share a mutual passion for health, sustainability, and tasty non-alcoholic beverages. This is the basis for our unique business model.

We each bring our personal taste and energy to the flavorful brews. Together, we handle the production and distribution of all our kombucha throughout the western slope of Colorado.

The support from local businesses in Durango and our incredible friendships have allowed us to materialize our vision.

SolaVita means “Only Life” or “Sun Life”.  This name best expresses our values of honoring the earth, our connectedness to nature, and the sanctity of life. We strive to embody these values in every stage of our kombucha brewing process. 


All Seasons Farms

Our USDA certified organic 40 acre farm has 6-8 acres of cultivation per year. We are self sustaining farm with solar electric and wood furnace. Our farming methods of minimal tilling and cultivation crops ensure the highest quality of organic produce.

Bread Durango

Bread for the people.

For over 20 years, Bread has been fortunate to serve up handcrafted breads, pastries, sandwiches, simple meals, and coffee to Durango and the surrounding communities.

Sustained by locals (on both sides of our counters) we are lucky to serve you 7 days a week at both the original bakery and our café.  We hope you find your experience with us delicious and satisfying.

We couldn’t keep the doors open without the daily contributions of our staff, customers, and suppliers. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the support over the last 20+ years. We feel very lucky and loved!

Twin Buttes Farm

We are a small regenerative farm located just 2 miles from downtown Durango in the Twin Buttes neighborhood.

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Oh Hi

Oh Hi is a small-batch company that produces and packages in Durango, Colorado. Oh Hi Seltzer is one of the few CBD-infused drinks on the market. Our fast acting, refreshing, and handcrafted CBD seltzers are sure to enhance all of life's endeavors. Oh Hi was forged through the collective passion of our owner's hard work to create, test, and deliver on this amazing cannabis infused seltzer. We strive to create high-quality, health-conscious cannabis enhanced products to help you live your life to the fullest. Oh Hi believes in living with passion, consciousness, quality, and above all else, fun. Oh Hi CBD's infused seltzers are made to elevate experiences for adults through responsible cannabis use.

Leaf Cutter Farms

Leafcutter farms is named in honor of the Leafcutter Ant; the original mushroom farmer. We are dedicated to growing nutrient dense gourmet mushrooms to contribute to the health of our local community. We serve Southwestern CO and the 4 corners region- and strive to provide a resource of mycological knowledge & education for the area and beyond!


Jakes Farm

Jake's Farm is a local family owned farm specializing in Produce, Jams, Pickles, Pork and Poultry. Our main focus is poultry. We make unique specialty poultry products.  We offer hatching eggs, live chicks and processed meat. Our garden plants and produce are organically grown. We source the fruit for our jams locally and we grow all the pickled products on the farm.

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Anatolian Farms

We first moved to this area in 2017 looking for a place to set down our roots. Living here has brought us closer to ourselves, closer to our purpose, and closer to what really matters in life. We established our farm in 2019, starting with industrial hemp as our main crop and tending to a home garden. We're excited and grateful that we're able to provide as much organically grown, heirloom produce as we can to our local community and beyond. We take pride in working hard and meeting whatever challenge is thrown at us.

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Mountain Belle Flower Farm

Mountain Belle Flower Farm grows an abundance of fresh cut flowers for the Durango, Colorado area and the greater San Juan Mountain region of Colorado.  Our unique and heirloom varieties are carefully selected for their beauty and long vase life; as well as being favorable for our cool, high-elevation climate.  Blooms are available on a seasonal basis, from June through September.

Every single flower we produce is hand planted, lovingly tended in a sustainable manner, and harvested at its prime.  And as always, we use absolutely zero harmful chemicals!


Fields to Plate

Max Fields and James Plate Farming fresh vegetables at 7,000 ft. elevation out of the fertile Animas Valley in Durango, Colorado.

We Grow what works best for us at 7,000 ft. and we strive to provide our customers with the most consistent, uniform and fresh tasting produce possible. With the use of soil health practices, human power, and lots of attentive care, we maintain a quality relationship with our soil. Allowing it to provide us with what we need to grow delicious produce. Fields to Plate operates with a love of the land and our own two hands.

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Ska Brewing


Somewhere out in Colorado, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five, two guys named Dave and Bill learned that while they loved gulping down good beer, they weren’t yet old enough to buy it. They figured an answer to their quandary would appear if they drank enough and listened to enough thinking music, also known as Ska. On the second Skaturday of Skatember it hit them. If they brewed their own beer they’d have all the beer they could ever want. And while they were at it, why not brew the most magnificent suds ever quaffed in their neck of the woods…or any other neck for that matter.

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Cream Bean Berry

Founding Principles:

1) Use the highest quality ingredients to make the freshest, most flavorful ice cream possible. ‘Nuff said.

2) Strive for maximum environmental sustainability in every aspect of our business. This means using as many locally produced and organic ingredients as we can, as well as reducing waste through recycling and composting. The majority of our packaging is biodegradable. We also reduce our environmental impact with green cleaning products, water conversation and energy star-rated appliances.

3) Contribute to the community. Everywhere you turn in Durango, someone is doing something amazing. Each year, we make thousands of dollars worth of in-kind contributions to local non-profits and schools.

4) Promote human dignity. Making and selling ice cream from scratch takes a lot of effort. Without the dedicated work of the CBB team, this endeavor would fail. We show our appreciation by paying our workers a living wage. They in turn show our customers our appreciation by making their experience at CBB as enjoyable and memorable as possible.


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Adobe House Farm

Our mission at Adobe House Farm is to provide the freshest fruits and vegetables to the local Durango, CO community using regenerative farming practices. At AHF, we plant with diversity so that we do not have to use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. We have an innovative solar-heated greenhouse and several high tunnels that allow us to grow vegetables year-round without the use of propane or natural gas heaters — even in the harsh climate and altitude of Durango. Every year we farm, we help build soil and retain moisture by practicing minimal-tillage techniques and heavily applying mulch and compost from locally available inputs (such as coffee grounds, leaves, and manure from vegetarian animals fed with organic hay). We also hand-water and use drip irrigation to save water. Minimal machinery is used and all harvesting is done by hand.

2022 will be our 12th growing season and we will be specializing in over 40 different crops to market!


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Brightwood Farm

Small-scale, sustainable agriculture in the Animas Valley

After farming in Virginia for 18 years, Dean and Susan decided in late 2018 to make the big move to a 5 acre farm in Hermosa, Colorado, 8 miles North of Durango.   Throughout 2019 we worked towards establishing our farm and making it our own.  We are farming not just organically, but also biologically here, as we did in Virginia.   

It would have been much easier to make the 2,000 mile move without our two tractors, disassembled greenhouse, cow, 2 sheep, livestock guardian dog, barn cat and all of the many pieces of equipment that you need to be able to farm efficiently.  However, over the years we have become committed to sustainable farming where most of our inputs come from our farm, where our soil gains organic matter year on year, where we produce truly nutrient dense food because we farm in harmony with nature. We are committed to continue farming this way and to spread the word about how wonderful well grown food can taste. It is better for people and the process is better for the planet.

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The Grasshopper Collective

Mission Statement:

The Grasshopper Collective was formed as a cooperative response to grasshopper pressure and water scarcity due to drought conditions. The founding members, four neighboring farms on Road G in Mancos, Colorado are diversifying and strengthening their individual growing operations by producing high quality seed and culinary garlic. Find our garlic locally as well as nationwide through our online store front.

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Long Table Farm

Long Table Farm is a diversified vegetable farm growing on less than an acre in the high desert of southwest Colorado. Yup, we’re tiny! We grow a wide variety of produce, with a focus on salad crops like head lettuce, salad mix, and other cut greens.

At Long Table Farm we strive to provide our community with the highest quality chemical free, nutrient dense produce. Our first priority is soil health. Healthy soil equals healthy food. We do not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, we use compost, organic fertilizers, cover crops, crop rotation, and minimum tillage practices to promote the health of our soil.

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Tierra Vida Farm

Tierra Vida Farm is a two acre farm committed to growing the most nutrient dense vegetables possible at the base of the San Juan Mountains. Soil health is essential for quality and production in the challenging mountain conditions of the Desert South West.  

Soil is the home for plants, it is where they get their food, water, and protection.  Roots are not simply straws sucking water and nutrients from inert dirt.  Roots form a living connection to an entire underground community of micro organisms that rely on plants to deliver energy from the sun through the roots and into the soil, feeding those micro-organisms. 

Vibrant Earth Seeds

Ancestral Seeds for future generations

Vibrant Earth Seeds is a family seed farm & company in Southwest Colorado near Four Corners on Ancestral Puebloan land. We are dedicated to growing open pollinated, chemical-free, non-GMO, locally adapted seeds.


All of our seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO and pollinated outdoors by nature




We do not use any chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals on our farm. We use organic practices.




Our seeds are adapted to the climate, soils & ecosystems of the Rocky Mountains & desert Southwest



Better than heirloom! Many of our varieties are landrace, drought tolerant, low water needs, short-season adapted and/or cold tolerant.

Desert Sun Coffee Roasters

Happy people make great coffee.
At Desert Sun Coffee Roasters, we believe in roasting organic coffee beans that are sustainably sourced to perfection, bringing out the perfect balance of flavor for each bean.
A coffee bean may travel up to 9,000 miles to land here in Durango, Colorado. To make that journey possible, we make deliberate choices to protect the well-being of the people and the environment - every step of the way.
We support economic independence for our farmers, organic growing, storage and processing for the beans, living wages and a work/life balance for our Desert Sun team, and unsurpassed service for our vendor partners and customers.
Solidifying our efforts, Desert Sun, as a member-owner of Cooperative Coffees, was awarded the 2020 Sustainability Award in the Business Model category by the Specialty Coffee Association.



Welcome to Honeyville, home of Colorado made specialty honeys, honey jams, jellies and sauces. Our rich, thick, mountain wildflower honey is so flavorful, it is no wonder that our customers tell us it is the best honey in the world.

Special thanks to the families who have been enjoying Honeyville honeys since our first jar was bottled in 1918, and to the Colorado and Rocky Mountain beekeepers and bees who help make this honey so delicious!

Danny, Sheree and Kevin Culhane

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Hummingbird Herbals

Hummingbird Herbals is a small herb company located in Durango, Colorado. We are happy to be entering our 27th year of offering high quality herbal tinctures, teas and body care – all made by hand with love – as well as personal, caring service to assist in your healing and well-being.

All of our products are made in-house with care from fresh or freshly dried herbs so that they are at their most potent. We ethically wildharvest and grow as many of the herbs ourselves as we can to ensure quality and origin. Others come from trusted organic growers and other herbalists, locally first whenever possible. And, our tinctures are made with organic, non-gmo, hypo-allergenic cane alcohol.

We look forward to sharing our remedies from nature with you, and wish you health and blessings!

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Adobe Milling

Adobe Milling brings the warmth of Southwest Colorado into your kitchen! Take a stroll around our site and see all the great products we have to offer, Cookbooks, gourmet legumes ranging from anasazi and bolita to pinto and black turtle, hot sauces and more!


We started Adobe Milling back in 1983 because we live in the heart of the “Pinto Bean Capital of the World.” We began with just beans, and over the years added other tasty Southwestern delights to create the full line of Adobe Milling Products

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81301(Easy) Coffee

Our names are Brice and Matt. We have worked in coffee shops a long time, it’s how we have or haven’t paid the bills for the majority of our lives. We worked together at 81301 Coffee House for almost six years as general manager and roaster. We loved this place so much that in July of 2022 we had the opportunity and the privilege to become owners. 

81301 Coffee House is made special by the community that supports it and it has been our dream to bring that community feeling and our coffee to others around the country. The name 81301 can only go so far to reach that end. Enter, Easy Coffee Roasters.

Easy Coffee Company and Roasters is our way to reach a wider audience and share our coffee with those outside of Southwest Colorado. 81301 Coffee House will always exist here for the locals and the travelers, and the roastery will be here too… just with a name Easy-er to remember. 



Durango Soda Company, Inc. was founded in January of 2002.  Partners Banden Zuber (hence Zuberfizz!!) and Dan Aggeler started home-brewing as roommates at Colorado State University and eventually became commercial Brewmasters.  The idea was to manufacture traditional sodas that existed decades ago by using the best ingredients and packaging available, similar to what the micro-brew industry was demonstrating.

The most important ingredient used in our sodas is pure cane sugar. Large companies have abandoned pure cane sugar to cut costs by using high-fructose corn syrup. It has been shown that this new widely-used ingredient is difficult to metabolize and is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes among Americans. Pure cane sugar also tastes much better. Every ingredient used in our sodas is of the highest quality.

Packaging and the environment are also of importance to Durango Soda Company. We use glass bottles for all of our products. The old "heritage" twist-top bottle contributes to the look and feel of traditional sodas. Glass containers not only help preserve flavor, but are easier on the environment. The detergents and sanitizers we use are also worker & environmentally friendly.  Afterall, the 2 owners still make every batch of soda produced!

Starting with mom and pop restaurants in Durango, Zuberfizz is now available around the USA

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Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow offers pasture raised buffalo, beef, elk, wild boar, lamb, heritage pork, poultry, wild caught seafood and more.

We believe in respect for the ancient ways that people have lived and operated in. It’s important to remember where we came from, especially in this technological and fast paced world. To us, the buffalo represents a more balanced and heartfelt way of life. At Beck & Bulow, we care about where our meat comes from and work exclusively with the best local butchers.

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Blonde Bomber Salsa

A fresh take on salsa

Cherri, AKA The Blonde Bomber, grew up on the slopes of Purgatory, Durango, Colorado. Bombing the hills at 3 years old, she was affectionately dubbed the Blonde Bomber by lifties and staff. She’s been making this salsa for over 20 years so its appropriately named Blonde Bomber Salsa. Now married to her Brunette Bad Ass, giving back the love the mountains have given to them, they have presented us with a salsa that ALL can enjoy!


Blonde Bomber Salsa… Comin’ in hot since 1964.

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Zia Taqueria

Our Mission:

To operate a community-minded & efficient fast-service, fresh-mex restaurant with a safe, clean, comfortable environment. To improve the quality of life for all stakeholders, which includes owners, patrons, staff, suppliers, growers, and our community.

We promote what we believe in: treat the earth kindly, tread lightly, stay healthy and offer good food at reasonable prices. Be kind to all others, be thankful, be generous, and trust the Universe.

Gosar Natural Foods

For generations, we at Gosar Natural Foods have proudly offered Gosar Sausage—fine, European artisan sausages—and Mountain Mama Milling Flour—stone-ground flours milled from local, San Luis Valley grain—to our Colorado and New Mexico neighbors.

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Horvath Honey

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 12.26.24 PM.png

Voodoo Mixology

Artisanal mixologist local to Durango CO, with a passion for creating elixirs that seriously elevate your cocktail experience 🥃

By simply crafting a concentrate, we have reduced the number of bottles and containers used.  The majority of the packaging we use has an extremely low footprint compared to the norm.  We hope you will reuse our packaging as well.  One and done is a waste.

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Pueblo Seed Food Co

Hobbs & Meyer Farms

We are a family farm business located in Cortez and Pueblo, Colorado. Our mission is to renew and strengthen communities by stewarding the land and guiding the health of seed, food and people. 

Our Farm

We grow a wide diversity of certified organic crops on 20 irrigated acres including multiple varieties of garlic, open pollinated seeds, fresh vegetables, heritage grains and legumes. For 21 years we farmed in Pueblo County, Colorado. In 2021 we moved our operation to Montezuma County, Colorado so that we could grow our seed crops in a more isolated setting (free of pollen drift).

We also partner with several other farms in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico to supplement our seed offerings and manage seed isolation distances.   


Eldora Chocolate

The Eldora Purpose

Real chocolate today is becoming a scarce resource.  The industry is facing constant pressure to cut costs, add lower quality or harmful ingredients...
  • We do not agree to follow this crowd
  • We think there is a better way
  • We think it’s tough to find real ingredients that retain healthy benefits.  We are committed to finding them, no matter the time or cost
  • We follow a non-conventional process in creating our craft chocolate and we strongly believe that it will be you, with the most discriminating tastes, that will allow us to perfect it.
  • We intend to have fun in creating your culinary delights and welcome your feedback in exploring new tastes, textures, and aromas to please your refined palate.
  • We will only produce the very best products, held to the highest standards.  This means we will discard finished products that hit their expiration dates, or experience a drop in their ultimate flavor profile.  Best eaten by date is intended to put a shelf limit for maximum taster enjoyment.
A percentage of all profits go to support Kiva, Heirloom Cacao Project & Rainforest Project.
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City Farm Colorado

City Farm strives to offer the absolute best in wholesome egg products, as well as naturally raised Aberdeen Angus beef. This all happens on our Spring Creek farm in the beautiful Uncompaghre Valley of Western Colorado.

Before we had a farm, we would go to our local grocery markets and buy produce and fresh eggs just like everyone else. We would sit at home and talk about where these expensive products were coming from. What was in these products? Were they treated with chemicals to eradicate pests or preserve their shelf life? And what about this $1 bell pepper? Why does it cost a dollar?  We knew we could do better than that. And so we created City Farm.

Our passion is growing organic products that are guaranteed to be local, organic, fresh and free from any chemicals or toxins that may cause harm. We love to help keep Colorado healthy and happy.

Del Valle Pecans

The natural goodness of a pecan doesn’t need a lot of help to be delicious and nutritious.  Our organic farming practices coupled with the fertile Rio Grande Valley’s high-desert climate produces delicious, sweet pecans without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  We grow pecans the way Mother Nature has grown them for millennia.

Del Valle Pecans was first certified organic in 1994, one of only two such pecan orchards in New Mexico at the time. Our family has been working ever since to promote the organic farming practices that have now been adopted by other like-minded pecan growers throughout the valley. This network of small, organic orchards is proud to offer fresh, healthy, and wholesome certified organic pecans under the Del Valle Pecan brand.

Our family heritage of organic farming practices continues to this day. Del Valle’s pecans are good food, good for the earth, and good for you.

Outlier Farms

Outlier Farm is a place where the practical realism of vegetable farming meets the hopeful prospects of apple orchards. Formed in 2019 through the partnership of Max Kirks from High Pine Produce and Sam Perry of Fenceline Cider, Outlier believes in blending these two production models in a way that one supports the other, creating a beautiful and resilient farmscape where biodiversity and productivity are at the forefront. While we patiently wait for our young apple trees to bear fruit, we are keeping busy by producing high quality, beyond organically-grown vegetable varieties utilizing low-tech hand tools and market gardening practices. It’s our aim to preserve soil structure and eliminate weeds through keeping the soil covered as much as possible, all while producing an abundance on a small acreage of land. However, once the apples start falling from the sky, we look forward to supplying our community with holistically-managed, heritage cider and eating apples grown right here in Southwest Colorado.



We believe that living an active life outdoors is a life well worth living and at the center of that is staying healthy. That's why we've created a bar that uses simple, whole, and organic ingredients that you can read and recognize.

As outdoor advocates, we also recognize the need to fundamentally change the way business is currently practiced. From the start, we've invested a lot into sustainable practices from using plant-based compostable packaging, to building our own manufacturing facility, and everything in between.

We proudly donate 1% of all our revenue to environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet , have partnered with Friends of the Yampa, Routt County Riders, The Cycle Effect, Illini 4000, Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, Rescue Project, and sponsor a number of rad humans who do rad things!

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Bee Grateful

Bee The Solution

We are madly in love with bees, bumbles, solitary bees, hummingbirds, bats, beetles, butterfly moths and even our spicy hornet friends. These masters of pollination are such a big part of the beauty, health and nourishment in our daily lives. There is not a day that goes by that a pollinator has not given us a gift. For this we are grateful and want to make a difference for them as well - like a REAL difference.


The Grateful for Pollinators Program

So we are taking this on as our mission and giving 10% of profits back to the bees through our Bee Grateful for Pollinators program. This program funds and supports the creation of pollinator sanctuaries as well as funds pollinator research and education through the Pollinator Partners organization.

By focusing funding towards creating more clean and safe habitats for pollinators, I believe we can make a positive impact for our pollinator friends. Thank you for 'bee-ing' an ally!

Ananath Wellness

Our Mission

To create and provide the highest quality and most effective all-natural products that support an active, healthy lifestyle.

Ananth Infusions was born in the mountains of La Plata County in Durango, CO. After years of dealing with chronic back pain, allergies and all the things that make us human we have journeyed down a path of research for things that make a difference in our lives. The more we talked and interacted with our community, the more we realized we needed to take action to create the quality of products we wanted to use and see out in the world. After nearly a decade of experimentation and implementation throughout our daily lives as active Coloradans, we are ready to share the products we have discovered and created with the world! We hope you love our products and they help you get through the day with a smile on your face.


Gamble Family Apiary

Locally, Handcrafted, Bees Wax Products, and Honey - Durango, Colorado


Wild Thymes

We at Wild Thymes are dedicated to regenerative and chemical-free practices that produce the highest quality food with the maximum positive impact on our land. Our farm is the realization of our soil-nerd, animal-enthusiast, plant-freak-selves. With broiler chickens, hogs, and over 40 varieties of vegetables, herbs and perennials, we are constantly practicing new ways to engage with classical farming knowledge.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.51.15 PM.png

Taproot Cooperative

Tap Root is a producer-managed, local foods distributor focused on bringing the bio-regional food producers of Colorado to the Denver Market. With Tap Root, you have access to over 70 Colorado family farmers, ranchers and producers. ​


Super Salve

The Super Salve Company products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped directly from my factory (located near the ghost town of Mogollon, New Mexico) enabling the highest degree of quality control and quick response to orders from my customers. Word-of-mouth marketing remains our best avenue for sharing our products. We have found that this has created many long-term and devoted customers.

Thank you for considering The Super Salve Company product line for your skin care needs.



Sol Vista Farm

Located in the Mancos Valley, Sol Vista Farm was founded by Duke Jackson in 2019. At Sol Vista, our inspiration stems from the stunning Southwestern landscape and the desire to provide nutritious and delectable produce to our community members. We strive to create a farm model that exemplifies the utmost care for the soil, fair wages for our employees, and a passion to provide more locally grown produce to the people. We do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers in our growing practices. We maintain our soil and plant health through utilizing cover crops, OMRI certified amendments, and by focusing on cultivating a healthy soil biota.

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Peak Scents

As an all natural skin care brand, Peak Scents is committed to providing you with toxic-free, safe, and affordable products that truly care for your skin and deliver results.
We lovingly use plants to help everyone look and feel their best. Our products are proprietary blends that we’ve developed over the last 26 years, made with pure herbs, vitamins and minerals. Our goal is to put more love, nurturing, and good health into the world, and our production process reflects that: we focus on infusing our positive, loving energy into each and every handcrafted product. It’s a difference that you can feel.
We believe in transparency and stand firm in “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. You deserve to know exactly what’s in your beauty products and you can rest easy knowing that products we create are free from SLS, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and never tested on animals.


Navajo Pride

MISSION: Continue the legacy of Navajo farming, producing superior products, practicing stewardship and creating value for our people.
VISION: Farming sustainably across generations to cultivate a healthy Nation.

Laz Ewe 2 Bar Farm & Dairy

Laz Ewe 2 Bar Dairy is nestled in the rolling hills of western San Luis Valley between Del Norte and South Fork, along the banks of the Rio Grande River. The ranch was homesteaded by the Knoblauch family in the 1880's. Orginally, the Knoblauch Ranch raised dairy cattle. The ranch has gone full circle with the organization of Laz Ewe 2 Bar Goat Dairy, LLC in 1996. The Knoblauch Ranch was recognized as a Centennial Ranch in 2016. The orginal cattle brand that went with homestead was Lazy U 2 Bar. When Amy and Christine started in 4-H, they started showing sheep and eventually began showing dairy goats. As a result the girls coined the name Laz Ewe 2 Bar for their registration name. After 29 years of teaching Jenny retired and they decided to make the goats pay their way by pursuing a dairy license and creating a commerical dairy. Now the dairy isn't just known for it's farmstead, hormone and anti-biotic free goat cheese but also for it's cow and yak cheeses that are produced through sustainable land and animal management practices. The land is also under a RIGHT conservation easement. All livestock are pastured during summer months on seasonally flood irrigated fields and during the winter months are sheltered and fed ranch-raised hay. The hay fields consist of alfalfa, clover, wildflowers and native grasses that are produced without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides or insecticides. Not only does the dairy produce cheese but the dairy is also involved with the state's raw milk share program. These programs offer individuals the opportunity to buy into the herd and as a result they receive weekly raw milk as dictated by Colorado State laws.  

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