DNF CO-OP Product Policy

At DNF, you can trust the decisions we’re making and the food we’re putting on the shelves.  We work hard to respond to current food and health advocacy issues and to provide transparency as well as a variety of choices in our products.

  • We emphasize natural foods; products free of any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

  • We look for whole foods, those with a minimum of processing and refining.

  • We look for organic foods, those raised, grown and processed without chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

  • We are committed to providing products for which we have full nutrition and source information and to providing this information to our customers.

  • We purchase products which are cooperatively or collectively produced.

  • We buy products which are locally or regionally produced and which support the local economy.

  • We buy products from independent suppliers and producers and from small business owners.

  • We are committed to buying the freshest products available.

  • We offer products at cost savings to members.

  • We offer products from manufacturers who do not utilize animal testing.

  • We provide choices for our members and offer product alternatives such as organic vs. non-organic, non-GMO, gourmet and specialty vs. value-priced, bulk vs. packaged and processed.

  • We purchase eco-friendly products which do not adversely affect the environment; we avoid purchasing products which have been proven detrimental to human health or the environment.

  • We attempt to buy products from businesses which support conditions of shared wealth and which do not exploit workers.

  • We strive to provide as many non-GMO verified products as possible, and do not bring in new products which contain GMOs.

In May, 2013 we developed and implemented a new GMO purchasing policy, and in June, 2013 we were selected by the National Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) as one of the top 10 Right-to-Know grocers in our region!


Durango Natural Foods Co-op has always worked hard to provide the safest, healthiest foods for our customers… food they can trust. We stay informed about food advocacy and healthy lifestyles issues, and respond quickly to local, regional, national and global food concerns. One of the biggest in the last several years has been the increasing prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our foods.

In 2012, Durango Natural Foods Co-op became the first grocer in Durango to voluntarily label non-GMO verified products throughout our store, helping to provide more choices and transparency for our customers.

Non-GMO Buying Policy

  • We will not bring any new items into the store that contain GMO ingredients.

  • We will inform our customers by labeling all our non-GMO verified products and by posting this policy in the store, on our website and social media.

  • We will encourage vendors and manufacturers we work with to source non-GMO ingredients and inform them of our policy on new items.

  • Products we currently carry with GMO ingredients will be moved out of prime spots on the shelf. The quantity of them will be reduced according to sales numbers. Eventually these items will be phased out in favor of non-GMO products.

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