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DNF CO-OP Product Policy

In general, the DNF Co-op aims to carry a wide variety of high-quality products which are healthy, supportive of local producers, help to build a sustainable food distribution system, produced in an environmentally sound and socially conscious manner, and available at a fair price.

With these goals in mind, we give strong preference to products that are:

1. Natural foods: products free of any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, colorings, and flavorings
2. Certified Organic
3. Regionally produced (200-mile radius)
4. Free from GMOs
5. Minimally packaged
6. Eco-Friendly
7. Whole foods: Minimally processed & refined
8. Products from other Cooperatives
9. Fair Trade Products
10. Sustainable growing/fishing practices
11. Produced in countries with appropriate safety standards
12. High nutritional value
13. Priced fairly
14. Ethical Labor practices
15. Free from High Fructose Corn Syrup
16. Free from Hydrogenated/Trans Fats & Lard
17. Free from MSG
18. Free from animal testing
19. Free from antibiotics and growth hormones
20. Free from unsafe additives

The Durango Natural Foods Co-op may choose to carry some products as a convenience to our members/shoppers that may not meet this policy.


Durango Natural Foods Co-op has always worked hard to provide the safest, healthiest foods for our customers… food they can trust. We stay informed about food advocacy and healthy lifestyles issues, and respond quickly to local, regional, national and global food concerns. One of the biggest in the last several years has been the increasing prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our foods.

In 2012, Durango Natural Foods Co-op became the first grocer in Durango to voluntarily label non-GMO verified products throughout our store, helping to provide more choices and transparency for our customers.

In May, 2013 we developed and implemented a new GMO purchasing policy, and in June, 2013 we were selected by the National Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) as one of the top 10 Right-to-Know grocers in our region!

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