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DNF CO-OP Board of Directors

The Durango Natural Foods Board of Directors is elected by the owners from amongst themselves. Each board member brings a variety of professional and personal interests and experiences to the group, forging a Board of Directors committed to fulfilling DNF’s mission, maintaining its quality and financial stability, and providing strategic planning for its future.

Your Board of Directors

SHeryl McGourty.jpeg

Sheryl McGourty| President| Term Ends 2024

Having owned a small business in Durango for the past 15 years, I have learned how important and fulfilling it is to maintain relationships. When we know one another, we are more inclined to be of service and to offer empathy.  I intend to be of service to DNF members, staff, and my fellow colleagues on the board.

My vocations have centered around pushing my edges and deepening connections as an outdoor guide and educator for teens, licensed teacher in the state of Colorado, and working for decades in a variety of settings and states with people of all ages, needs, and abilities. These diverse experiences have allowed me to interface with a myriad of people while developing greater interpersonal skills. I intend to utilize these skills to make meaningful contributions towards optimal board cohesion and effectiveness.

My favorite place to be is in wild places, feeling free, alive, and healthy.  I have always been interested in health and wellness through foods, herbs, movement practices, alternative healing, and maintaining a rich spiritual life.  I am proud to be a part of Durango’s very own touchstone of health, Durango Natural Foods.

Outside of running a yoga studio (Yogadurango) and maintaining a private Ayurveda practice, I presently enjoy trying to get my teenage son to hang out with me, playing music around town in an acoustic duo, being home with my dogs, plants, and trees and on adventures both solo and with beloveds.

Weston Medlock photo.jpg

Weston Medlock | Vice President| Term Ends 2023

My degree in Sustainable Development has allowed me to dissect the many theories of sustainability and develop a multifaceted approach to social equity, environmental conservation, and localized economics. I recognize the urgency to restore local agriculture and promote democratic food systems that will foster a healthy community. With my experience in community organizing and former president of a nonprofit, I hope to empower the local food community of Durango, seek strategic partnerships, and loyally serve the members of the DNF cooperative.

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Ryan Erickson| Board Member| Term Ends 2025


My experience in the financial sector, particularly in asset management and investment analysis, I believe would bring a unique perspective to the Board. In addition, my background could be advantageous to the Board as material discussions will need to be continued and decisions made even in the face of today's rapidly changing economic landscape. Furthermore, I have a genuine interest in sustainability, food production, and communitydriven initiatives. Together, my understanding of the Durango community and some of the challenges and opportunities facing the natural foods industry, combined with my background, would enable me to contribute meaningfully to the Board's initiatives.


In addition to my professional and personal qualifications, I am an excellent communicator and collaborator. I value open and honest dialogue and am dedicated to finding creative solutions to complex problems. I would work to advance the mission and goals of DNF and foster a positive and inclusive culture.

Cody turquoise profile.jpg

Cody Reinheimer | Board Member | Terms Ends 2024

Cody Reinheimer has been eating organic his entire life and is a long time supporter of co-ops. He knows that eating great helps us feel great! He is passionate about protecting and enjoying our environment, locally and globally. He has lived in Durango since 2008, arriving as a student of diversified farming and permaculture.  He has been part of several farms, has been an educator in various forms, managed the Durango Farmers Market for 4 years, and now makes his living as a DJ. He thrives on building community and having fun with his daughter, friends and family. He is honored to serve the community by being a motivated board member working towards a bright future for our co-op through creativity, cooperation and positive communication.

Hadley Bevil| Board Member | Term Ends 2025


The Co-op is a place that I will always hold  close. When I first moved to Durango about three years ago,  I was curious about what the (then red) metal building on the corner down from my current home was. I didn't have a job, didn't know more than a handful of people in town, and  definitely didn't know  I would be walking  into what my life would consist of for the next two and  a half years. After having many chats and  coffees with the, then new, GM, Joe, I started working as the Marketing Manager for DNF. This began my understanding of the world of Co-ops and  my love for what they stand for, not to mention the amazing people I was introduced to through working/living there.


No longer as a DNF employee, I want to continue to aid in the Co-op’s success and  have many skills I believe would assist me in doing so. I have extensive knowledge of the ins and  outs of the Co-op from having previously worked there. I am a great team player, communicator, and  have a love and  background for sustainable and  organic foods (Previously to the Co-op, I produced all of the public relations work for the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens - events, education, community outreach, etc.)


A few areas I think the board should be focusing on over the next 3-5 years include growth/expansion, fundraising, community outreach, education, and  more customer/Co-op interaction. I think these some of the core values of a Co-op and  only lead to continued success. I would love to be a part of the planning and  implementation of these focuses.


I want to help  Durango Natural Foods Co-op thrive, gain more success, and  grow its community for many more years to come!

Kate Randall| Board Member | Term Ends 2024


I ran for the board because I am a huge fan  of Co-ops in general and  DNF Co-op in particular, and  because now that I'm semi-retired, I have time and  energy to dedicate to something I care about. I was a business owner for 28 years, running a bookstore in Tucson, AZ. In terms of Food  Co-ops, I've  been involved in them since my early 20's, when I co-managed a tiny one in the basement of a house in Washington D.C. Since that time, I have been a Co-op member (and sometimes volunteer) wherever I've  lived. I joined DNF when I moved here to Durango three years ago.



My career at the bookstore gave me experience in a variety of areas including managing staff and  money flow, handling and  working towards long  term goals. As the business grew, we moved and  expanded it three-fold and eventually paying off a building. Hopefully my experience at the bookstore will be helpful when

considering the various issues that DNF might encounter.

Untitled (8.5 x 8.5 in) (1).png

Ryan Lazo| Board Member | Term Ends 2025

My name is Ryan Lazo, and I moved back to Durango with my family in the fall of 2021. I am excited to be on the DNF board because I enjoy being involved in the community and care deeply about the mission of the Co-op. With over ten years of nonprofit and board experience, I am confident I will make a good addition to the DNF board. In recent years, my volunteer experience has centered around serving organizations in the food realm. Before moving to Durango, I served as a Commissioner for the City of Moscow, Idaho’s Farmers Market, a board member for the Council on Aging and Human Services (COAHS), an active member of both the Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition and Whitman County Food Coalition, and a member of the Moscow Food Co-op’s Sustainability Committee. This experience as a committed volunteer on several boards will help guide me . For example, the DNF board hires and evaluates the GM. I have experience evaluating and hiring staff in my professional career and volunteer board experience. Additionally, the DNF board of directors must help guide the GM on addressing deferred maintenance. While on the COAHS board, we ensured regular building upkeep and oversaw numerous building upgrades. Last, I will make a good board member because I have a history of helping build strong relationships between people and organizations.

“I miss DNF, the best bulk and produce in Southwest Colorado!”

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