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Join us! Become a Meber-Owner

What does it mean to become a Member-Owner of a Co-op?

A cooperative (or Co-op) is a business operated and democratically controlled by its membership of Owners to meet their common needs and aspirations. When you become a Member-Owner, you are supporting local farmers, producers, and returning your investments directly back into your local economy. Member-owner equity is crucial to ensuring the success of your co-op! 

  • Socially Responsible

  • Food Justice & Access to Healthy,

  • Fresh Produce

  • Supporting Local, Small-Scale Agriculture

  • DNF Co-op Reduces Your Shopping Habits’

  • Environmental Footprint

How much is Member-Ownership? 

Member-ownership may be invested in at the following investment levels. All memberships offer payment plans for those who need it.

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