DNF CO-OP Board of Directors

The Durango Natural Foods Board of Directors is elected by the owners from amongst themselves. Each board member brings a variety of professional and personal interests and experiences to the group, forging a Board of Directors committed to fulfilling DNF’s mission, maintaining its quality and financial stability, and providing strategic planning for its future.

Your Board of Directors

Cody Reinheimer | President | Terms Ends 2021

Cody Reinheimer has been eating organic his entire life and is a long time supporter of co-ops. He knows that eating great helps us feel great! He is passionate about protecting and enjoying our environment, locally and globally. He has lived in Durango since 2008, arriving as a student of diversified farming and permaculture.  He has been part of several farms, has been an educator in various forms, managed the Durango Farmers Market for 4 years, and now makes his living as a DJ. He thrives on building community and having fun with his daughter, friends and family. He is honored to serve the community by being a motivated board member working towards a bright future for our co-op through creativity, cooperation and positive communication.

Weston Medlock| Vice President | Term Ends 2020

My degree in Sustainable Development has allowed me to dissect the many theories of sustainability and develop a multifaceted approach to social equity, environmental conservation, and localized economics. I recognize the urgency to restore local agriculture and promote democratic food systems that will foster a healthy community. With my experience in community organizing and former president of a nonprofit, I hope to empower the local food community of Durango, seek strategic partnerships, and loyally serve the members of the DNF cooperative.” 

Rachel Bennett | Treasurer | Term Ends 2022

The co-op has been a leader of local and natural foods in our community.  However, I believe the co-op can offer more in our community as a hub for the neighborhood, local producers, bulk purchasing, and a quality deli.  With a strong board and active ownership we achieve so much!  In 2017, I co-created a local kombucha business, which is growing quickly. This was possible with support from friends, community, an local retail buyers.  Over the years I’ve engaged with many local farmers, learning to value their intellect in the field. I also bring four years of bookkeeping with non-profit and for-profit organizations.  For me, the balance of innovation in the market and up keeping financials are essential for a successful small business. We also have a responsibility toward environmental stewardship. As a passionate person, I’ve had to learn to balance responsibilities with self-care. I feel ready and able to bring all theses passions to my service on the DNF Board.

Cathy Cowles | Secretary| Term Ends 2020

I have worked in the nonprofit sector since 1990, with organizations that serve communities, youth, adults and the natural environment, in roles ranging from Executive Director to Community Volunteer. I currently freelance as a Nonprofit Consultant, in addition to working as an Outward Bound Instructor and landlord. I have owned a small business and worked in the construction industry. 

Kelly Rogers| Board Member | Term Ends 2020

I have been a Durango resident and member and supporter of DNF since 1996, and have seen Durango and the area go through tremendous change. I have, over these years, been actively involved in supporting many of our local non-profit organizations and have seen our community evolve in many ways – some very beneficial and some detrimental to the building of a locally sustainable community. I believe in the principals of locally owned and  operated services and support and would like to have the opportunity to become more  directly involved in assisting with the growth and guidance of Durango Natural Foods.

David Konikowski| Board Member | Term Ends 2020

David Konikowski is a Chinese medical herbalist and acupuncturist with Four Corners Chinese Medicine in Durango, CO, where he serves as both a healthcare professional and small business owner.  He has been a nationally board certified and state licensed healthcare provider for 16 years, and enjoys providing expert services in his field to the Four Corners region.  Additionally, he is the primary caretaker of a minifarm in Hermosa called Apple Blossom Orchard & Sanctuary, where he enjoys raising fruits, herbs, vegetables, and small livestock for his household and local community.  David is passionate about natural health, plant based medicine,  and household and community based food sustainability.  He is happy to bring his experience, passion, and perspectives to the DNF Board of Directors in support of our local food cooperative. 

Don Lewis| Board Member | Term Ends 2020

Don Lewis has been a Durango community member since 2002, a lifetime member of the Co-op for 7 years, and owns Amaya Natural Therapeutics.  He enjoys connecting with community at DNF.  He is interested in serving on the board at this time to support the co-op in visioning itself into a sustainable future. He feels the co-op is important as a component of our regional food system, especially as an outlet for local farmers to offer their harvest. He would like to see Durango Natural Foods continue to be an integral part of our local foodshed and actively support our community's ability to cooperatively nourish itself.

“I miss DNF, the best bulk and produce in Southwest Colorado!”


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