DNF CO-OP Board of Directors

The Durango Natural Foods Board of Directors is elected by the owners from amongst themselves. Each board member brings a variety of professional and personal interests and experiences to the group, forging a Board of Directors committed to fulfilling DNF’s mission, maintaining its quality and financial stability, and providing strategic planning for its future.

Your Board of Directors

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Cody Reinheimer | President | Terms Ends 2024

Cody Reinheimer has been eating organic his entire life and is a long time supporter of co-ops. He knows that eating great helps us feel great! He is passionate about protecting and enjoying our environment, locally and globally. He has lived in Durango since 2008, arriving as a student of diversified farming and permaculture.  He has been part of several farms, has been an educator in various forms, managed the Durango Farmers Market for 4 years, and now makes his living as a DJ. He thrives on building community and having fun with his daughter, friends and family. He is honored to serve the community by being a motivated board member working towards a bright future for our co-op through creativity, cooperation and positive communication.

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Weston Medlock | Vice President | Term Ends 2023

My degree in Sustainable Development has allowed me to dissect the many theories of sustainability and develop a multifaceted approach to social equity, environmental conservation, and localized economics. I recognize the urgency to restore local agriculture and promote democratic food systems that will foster a healthy community. With my experience in community organizing and former president of a nonprofit, I hope to empower the local food community of Durango, seek strategic partnerships, and loyally serve the members of the DNF cooperative.

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Elizabeth Shephard | Board Member | Term Ends 2023

Elizabeth, aka Eliza Jean, has been a DNF member for 13 years. Raised in a rich co-op /whole foods family tradition, Elizabeth is a past working member of the Olympia Food Co-op in Olympia, WA, volunteer for Durango Nature Studies and the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown. Her organizational management and outreach work began at Oklahoma State University where she served international graduate students seeking admission. She excelled in outreach and management roles for Heartwood Institute – Open Sky Wilderness Therapy – Turtle Lake Refuge - and Animas Valley Institute; organizations that promote awakening, health, and depth in the human experience. Currently, the owner of Aligned Transformational Bodywork, she is a seasoned LMT, business innovator, organizational queen, content creatrix, and event producer. She is the founder of Confluence, providing synergy-based solutions for entities enacting positive social change. In 2008, Elizabeth co-founded the Community Dance Sanctuary, in Durango, CO, seeding the ecstatic dance community that flourishes today.

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Don Lewis| Treasurer | Term Ends 2023


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Alyssa Rainbolt | Board Member | Term Ends 2022


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Sheryl McGourty| Board Member | Term Ends 2024

Having owned a small business in Durango for the past 15 years, I have learned how important and fulfilling it is to maintain relationships. When we know one another, we are more inclined to be of service and to offer empathy.  I intend to be of service to DNF members, staff, and my fellow colleagues on the board.

My vocations have centered around pushing my edges and deepening connections as an outdoor guide and educator for teens, licensed teacher in the state of Colorado, and working for decades in a variety of settings and states with people of all ages, needs, and abilities. These diverse experiences have allowed me to interface with a myriad of people while developing greater interpersonal skills. I intend to utilize these skills to make meaningful contributions towards optimal board cohesion and effectiveness.

My favorite place to be is in wild places, feeling free, alive, and healthy.  I have always been interested in health and wellness through foods, herbs, movement practices, alternative healing, and maintaining a rich spiritual life.  I am proud to be a part of Durango’s very own touchstone of health, Durango Natural Foods.

Outside of running a yoga studio (Yogadurango) and maintaining a private Ayurveda practice, I presently enjoy trying to get my teenage son to hang out with me, playing music around town in an acoustic duo, being home with my dogs, plants, and trees and on adventures both solo and with beloveds.

“I miss DNF, the best bulk and produce in Southwest Colorado!”