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Here's what to know about our
2024 Board of Directors election...

DNF is a representative democracy that is governed by the BOD.


Any Member-Owner can run for the BOD and all Member-Owners are eligible to vote in the annual elections!


The Board is committed to fulfilling DNF’s mission, sustaining financial stability, and providing strategic planning for our future. Directors need to have a deep belief in the Co-op’s mission and the time to listen, learn, and contribute to its exciting future. In addition to professional development and networking, BOD members receive a 20% discount on all purchases which can be stacked on top of other member discounts.

Here's the schedule of events this year:

Monday, April 15 – Thursday, April 24: Ballots will be available to vote in-store or online via the DNF website during a 10 day voting period

Monday, April 29: Election verified and results announced!

Wednesday, May 8: New Director Training


Wednesday, May 15: First meeting of the new Board

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